Proof the mainstream media is full of f*cken sh*t

Proof the mainstream media is full of f*cken sh*t

We’re not exactly sure you need telling, but the media is full of f**ken sh*t. And we’re not talking about just a few examples of them ‘getting their facts muddled,’ we’re talking about deliberate f**ken lies. Deadset, depending on the agenda they need to push at any given moment, they manipulate facts, images and stories to give you a skewed sense of events. If you think it’s all a beat-up, have a look at some of these images…

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First of all, let’s go to school a little bit. There’s a bloke named Noam Chomsky who developed a pretty f**ken accurate model for the media a while back. And by ‘a while back’ we mean yonks ago. This model explains how and why news organisations spew bullsh*t.

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He talks about the five filters of the media, and understanding them is essential to understanding that everything you see in the news should be taken with a pinch of salt. There’s a video down the bottom for you – and it’s worth a watch – but essentially, media organisations have to look after their advertisers and the wealthy elite who give them quotes and stories, they have to manufacture consent to go after the enemies of freedom, they have to f**k over the dudes who’ve spoken out about it, and finally, they have to make money and push the agenda of their owners.

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Bearing all that in mind, have a f**ken squiz at some of these images and look how clear it is that they’re f**king with you. Need to position someone as a hero? Use the right camera angles and the right words in your article. Need to show them up as a massive c**t? Use the right camera angles and the right connotations in your article. You get the drift.

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Final thought: This sh*t’s not gonna stop anytime soon, but bloody hell, we need to be aware of it. In the immortal words of Refused’s Dennis Lyxzen, ‘question f**ken everything.’ Seriously, when you’re watching the media ask yourself why this story is newsworthy and who benefits from you knowing about it. Class dismissed, ya legends.

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