Mother Sparks Outrage With Defense For Breastfeeding While Having Sex

Mother Sparks Outrage With Defense For Breastfeeding While Having Sex

Breastfeeding in public causes heated debate. Whilst some consider it to be indecent exposure, others believe it is a right be free to nourish their offspring wherever they see fit, whether in a public park or on their front verandah.

Despite its nasty aftertaste, breast milk provides the best nutrition for infants. Mammals naturally nourish their children with milk that contains necessary nutrients for growth and development. They do so openly and freely in the wild, so why shouldn’t humans?


This is the stance of free breastfeeding advocate Tasha Maile who identifies as a vegan breastfeeding mother. Interestingly, Some vegans choose not to breastfeed (Mother’s Milk being of animal origin and all), but that’s not Tasha! Scour her YouTube channel for several videos of her feeding her kids whilst delivering philosophically provocative monologues about natural and free living. YouTube videos of her breastfeeding have caused a number of men to come up with creative excuses to justify their future “suggested videos” to their other halves.

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Tasha seems to be a very spiritually grounded individual, supremely comfortable and not in the least bit ashamed of baring all in the name of what is natural.

“You could see wars on TV but if someone was to make love in public it’s ‘the worst thing in the world’.

What’s wrong with enjoying yourself? Obviously, care about who you share your sexual energy with but it’s a whole different topic.”

One of her recent videos, however, is causing a bit of an uproar as she claims to have had sex, ‘from behind’ whilst her son was feeding. Now, for many, this is over the line.

“From what I remember, I remember sleeping with my ex-husband and my son was on me breastfeeding and we would have sex from behind or something.”


Many people have mental scarring from catching an accidental glimpse of their parents’ genitalia as children. However, Tasha believes this stems from an unhealthy attitude towards the human body. Those who oppose her point of view claim that involving other family members in bedroom extracurricular activities is borderline incest and that it is wrong to expose children to sex.

What do you think?

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