Happiest bloke on Earth calls time on his own party and arrests himself

Happiest bloke on Earth calls time on his own party and arrests himself

Sometimes we are just in a really good mood. Such a good mood that we just smile for no apparent reason, maybe give a chuckle to ourselves. Maybe have a little spring in the step. But rarely, as adults so we feel the urge to bounce around and swing off things like the dude out of Singing In The Rain. But this bloke in the video below is just elated with how life is going, so much so that it attracts the attention of the cops!

The video opens with the bloke swinging from a powerline support cable. He’s minding his own business and not doing anyone any harm. It doesn’t matter that it is pouring with rain, this guy does not give a flying f*ck! He’s more concerned with just how good the breeze feels beneath his armpits as he swings side to side just as a bored child would outside a supermarket. He pauses at times, seeing how long he can hold it, then bang, he goes back to his joyful swinging.

Check out this swinger Credit: YouTube

Check out this swinger Credit: ViralHog

When he has had enough of that, he lets go of the cable and gives an almighty cough that doubles him over. He slaps his knees in a bid to regain his composure before doing a funny little bounce/walk over to a restaurant where he proceeds to try to bash the door down. He’s perfectly capable of grabbing the door handle, and the establishment appears to be open, but no, he wants to have a crack at getting it off its hinges!

Credit: YouTube

Credit: ViralHog

A concerned onlooker has felt it necessary to call the cops on the poor bloke. They roll up next to him and call him over. He is neither scared nor angry as he goes right up to the passenger window for a pow-wow with the officer. It doesn’t take long before he realises he can’t run and hide from his atrocious happy-crimes and turns himself in.

What seems to be the problem, officer? Credit: YouTube

What seems to be the problem, officer? Credit: ViralHog

He opens the rear door, plants himself in the back seat and off they drive.

Overall, it is nice to have an incident-free arrest to have a gander at, instead of a violent and dramatic arrest.

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