Guy’s Life Gets Ruined After Bragging About His Model Girlfriend On Reddit

Guy’s Life Gets Ruined After Bragging About His Model Girlfriend On Reddit

There are two morals to this story: 1) Don’t be a braggadocious dick (especially online), and 2) The internet can be a dark, dark place.

Our tale of woe begins and ends in the Relationship Advice section of Reddit where a distraught chap went to post about some trust issues he was having with regards to his wife, whom he suspected of having an affair.

In addition some helpful (but creepy) comments about how to stalk her online, one user went to lengths to explain why his girlfriend would never do that to him.

That seems like a pretty weird thing to brag about – like being proud that your partner doesn’t hit your kids or something – but this guy took things further and began to go on about that fact that his girl was a ‘model’ and he’s super rich.

He was kind of right about his first boast: his girlfriend was a model…of sorts.

The lad and his 'model' girlfriend

The lad and his ‘model’ girlfriend

This looks ominous

This looks ominous

As most of you know, if there’s one thing you can rely on from the Reddit community, it’s the fact that they do their homework.

So, if you’re being a knob on the front page of the internet (especially while using your main Reddit account), it’s safe to say a small army of Redditors are going to take the time to pour over your history and dig up whatever dirt they can.

And that’s exactly what these nutters did: they went through four years of the fella’s posts, tracked down his Instagram account which had tags of his ‘model’ girlfriend, and began searching for her work.

In no time at all, they found that she did indeed have a modelling page but it was under an alias. They then found an old thread of tweets from 2015 that included said alias and discovered that the source of the tweeted image which was from an adult website.

Oh dear...

Oh dear…

With a quick bit of hackery that would make Mr Robot proud, they had membership access to the site and a direct link to this dudes girlfriend’s videos.

52 minutes is a bloody solid effort, to be fair

52 minutes is a bloody solid effort, to be fair

This army of vindictive vigilantes posted on the Reddit thread for all to see and the roasting began in earnest.

It got so bad that the original post was deleted but that didn’t stop people: they found the hastily retreating boaster and kept taking the piss out of him until he actually deleted his goddamn Reddit account altogether.

That’s some pretty brutal behaviour – if only they’d learn to use their powers for good. Still, maybe this young lad will think twice before bragging on the internet again: it can be a bloody dark place if things go a bit south…