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Ozzy Man Reviews: Turtle vs Pigeon

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Bloody deadly mate. for blog fun times Twitter @OzzyManReviews Fair Dinkum Use Source:

Ozzy Man Reviews: Leo vs Bear [Revenant Spoilers]

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My critical analysis of Leo vs the Bear! Leonardo DiCaprio's oscar academy award winning fight from the bloody The Revenant. If you wanna get in on Loot Crate use this URL: c...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Pole Dancing

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Original video of Maddie Sparkle's dance can be viewed here: for blog adventures...

Ozzy Man’s The Lives of Animals – Volume 4

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Might start do'in monthly newsletters so jump on my email list here: Patreon: FB: Twitter @OzzyManRevi...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Making a Murderer

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My review of Netflix true crime doco series Making a Murderer. for blog adventures Twitter @OzzyManReviews Music: ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Penguins vs Rope

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Classic fight day as a team of penguins take on some rope. Fair Use/Dealing. Consider that please. Twitter @OzzyManRevi...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Chris Gayle’s Flirting Skills

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My critical analysis of Gayle's flirting with Mel in the workplace during the cricket big bash. for blog adventures F...

Ozzy Man Reviews: UFC Sheila With Hungry Eyes [Gone Sexual]

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Disregarding Seinfeld's "staring at the sun" advice. Original: Music: Eric ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: “Hoverboard” Mayhem

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Me critical analysis of the hoverboard craze. for blog adventures

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in 2015

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Me analysis of small shit and big shit in 2015. Source links below. for blogging adventures Twitter @OzzyManReviews ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones – Season 1 Episode 5

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Me critical analysis of GoT S1E5. Absolute ripsnorter! for blog fun times for helping me eat fun times for more content ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Indecisive Lioness Hunting

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Me critical analysis of how a lioness and her hubby hunt. for blog awesomeness Twitter @OzzyManReviews Music: ACDC ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Star Wars – The Force Awakens [Spoilers]

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Me critical analysis n review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. use "ozzyloot" code Twitter @OzzyManReviews ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: The Great Deer Revolution

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Deer live in peace because one said fuck this. *satire may be stronger than usual in this vid. Fair Dinkum Use htt...

Ozzy Man Reviews: MMA 9 Second Knockout

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Here's me aussie review of a MMA knockout in under 10 seconds.