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Ozzy Man Reviews: AFL vs Soccer Big Hit

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Me critical analysis of a big hit in AFL yesterday and a big very similar hit in soccer from the past... (Stefan Martin didn't go to hospital after the hit, but did take a cheeky sit down in the dug out.) Video on ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Vikings Best Fight S4 + Loot Crate

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Commentary on me favourite Vikings fight in Season 4 so far. Join me email list for soon to be monthly updates from Ozzy's desk: Loot Crate:

Ozzy Man Reviews: Godzilla vs Godzilla

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Me running commentary on a mini Godzilla lizard fight plus meta analysis of the moving picture franchise. Insta, Snap, Twitter: @ozzymanrevie...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Ibiza [Feat. Mozza]

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Got fucken Mozza back in for a review of Ibiza. Cunt doesn't even know how to pronounce it. Support my low-cost humour: Insta, Snap, Twitter:...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Thrilling Marble Race

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Big high five and fuck yes to Jelle's who has been making these cool racing vids for a while: Twitter, Insta, Snap @ozzymanreviews ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: People Fucked Up By Bulls

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Me critical analysis of people getting fucked up running with the bulls in Spain (EDIT: Nah, Portugal by the sounds! Cheers). Some bloody big hits taken here ey. http://www.facebook...

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in March 2016

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My review of WTF Happened in March 2016. Weather bra slip obsession, McGregor v Diaz, keanu shredding, uber abuse, the works! Twitter, Snap, I...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Batman V Superman [SPOILERS]

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Here is my spoiler review of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. Support my channel on Patreon: Blog fun times: Insta, T...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Maddie Sparkle Supercut

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I continue my exploration into the world of pole dancing and analyse the athleticism of Sydney dancer Maddie Sparkle. Top shit. Twitter, Insta...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Manliest Fight Ever

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Here's me commentary for PRIDE FC 21 MMA fight between Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama. Manliest fight ever. Twitter, Insta, Snap: @ozzymanrev...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Lioness Mind Games

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My critical analysis of a dysfunctional relationship in South Africa. Satire/Parody Fair Dealing. Original video via Kruger National Park: Somewhat of a sequel to this video I narrated ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: What is a Turnaround? [Gone Sexual]

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It's business time. Here's my critical analysis of the informative video on "Turnaround" by EPCM. Here's the original bloody video: Support my comedy on Patreon: http://...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Trailer + Loot Crate Unboxing

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This Game of Thrones Season 6 Red Band Trailer is some genuinely exciting shit. Top notch work by HBO and the gang I reckon. Loot Crate: Discount code is "ozzyloot" http:...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Ostrich Racing

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My critical analysis of a thrilling Ostrich Race.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Keanu Reeves Gun Skills

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My critical analysis of Keanu Reeves shredding it at the gun range. Okay, I'm done for the day. G'night. A work of Fair Use blah blah. Please don't screw me if you're the video owner. Original vid: