Michael "Pickles" Tyers

Religious Vs Satanist Heavyweight Title Fight Ends In 16 Second Faceplant KO

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they look forward to something big. They prepare for it, mentally and physically. They train for it, months, years, if not decades in advance. And when it comes down to crunc...

WATCH: Gordon Ramsay and Kevin Spacey Go To War in Epic Swear-Off

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Gordon Ramsay is definitely a staple in modern online meme and internet culture, and he's managed to become one of the most recognisable chef's in the world. He didn't earn this reputation just by cooking a solid lasa...

Bloke Drinks His Way Out Of Certain Drowning Incident

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This is one of those videos that makes you ashamed to be Australian. After watching this I’m left with a great sense of disappointment. I mean come on Australia - why didn’t we think of this first? Oh wait I know... I...