Penelope "Joey" Townes

Ja Rule’s Fyre Music Festival Promised An Ultra Luxury Experience, The Result Was A Disaster

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Just when you thought music festivals couldn’t go downhill faster, Fyre Festival just took the cake. Advertised by Instagram models and “influencers”, whatever the heck that means, Fyre Festival was set to be the luxu...

Two Guys Put A F*cken Chainsaw Motor On A Trike!

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Two dudes from Georgia Tech have upped the bar for uni hijinks and have created a chainsaw motor powered trike for cruising around campus. Although trikes are normally reserved for kids who haven’t yet learned to sh!t...

Rude Today Show Host Can’t Stand Her Guest, Guest Responds

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Viewers of the Today Show were stunned with host Kathie Lee Gifford’s treatment of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, during a segment celebrating Earth Day last year. Bill Nye was in the studio to help explain answers...