Darcy "Dorizo" Garrett

“When Your Gun Instructor Shouldn’t Be A Gun Instructor”.

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A gun instructor almost blew his face off when a .44 Magnum discharged right next to his head. In the video you can see him trying to teach a few young blokes about the importance of gun safety. You’d hope he knows wh...

New Research Reaches F*cking Awesome Conclusion About People Who Swear

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I f*cking knew it! People say that people who swear are as dumb as bricks, but I always knew better. Everyone knows I swear a f*ck load, and science says it’s because I’m smart. How about that! We all know that...

MMA Fight Ends in Jaw-Dropping Fashion With Rare Double Knockout

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Two blokes savagely punching each other for nearly two minutes ended when both landed devastating hits at exactly the same time, knocking both fighters out cold. At Shamrock FC 285 in Kansas City one fella named Al...