Russian nurse caught wearing only her knickers under see-through PPE gown

Russian nurse caught wearing only her knickers under see-through PPE gown

As you know, Russia’s a pretty good mate of ours here at Ozzy Man Reviews. Still, it’s been a long time between drinks, and we haven’t featured much Russian craziness on the site in at least a few months. Fortunately, though, they couldn’t make it through Covid without at least one bats**t story breaking out. This time, it’s not an epic fight, road rage, or bears making the news, though. Yeah, nah, it’s a sheila in her underoos at work…

For this one, we’re heading to Tula. It’s about 180km south of Moscow, and it’s in the news because of a nurse who’s just been disciplined for wearing nothing under her protective gown except her grundies and a bra.

Credit: Credit: Tulskie Novosti

The unnamed sheila, who was working in a ward full of blokes suffering from the Rona, fully cracked the s**ts with the hospital’s dodgy air-con, and whipped off everything but her essentials, chucked her PPE over the top, and went back to work.

Of course, you might be wondering what the big issue is. Well, her protective gear was f**ken transparent. Yeah, nah, you could see right through it. And that’s lead the hospital to announce that she’ll face disciplinary proceedings.

Credit: Sergey Butry

That transparent gown, though, is causing a bit of debate. Other medical professionals are arguing in favour of the sheila, saying that transparent gowns aren’t good enough to stop the virus, and the issue is the lack of PPE, not the lack of clothing.

The head of the Doctors’ Alliance in Russia, Dr Anastasia Vasilyeva, claims that, “If she turns to us, we will protect her. The fact that the costumes are of such a quality that do not meet the standards is a problem for management, not the nurse. The picture shows that she was wearing some kind of plastic suit. We need to pay attention not to her [lingerie], but that the (gown) does not meet the necessary standards. Firstly, a plague-proof costume is never transparent. And it must be made of a completely different fabric.”

Credit: Tula Pressa

Of course, though, the blokes on the ward are said to have had ‘no complaints’, while MP Nikolai Valuev wants patients to write to the authorities in support of her choices. “Let’s hope that the nurse with her appearance aroused in male patients the desire to live. They found strength in order to resist the disease even more actively. As a rule, good emotions always contribute to recovery.”

Sounds pretty scientific to us.

Final thought: Yeah, we came into this one thinking it was just an offbeat story, but it’s got more than a fair share of layers this one. Certainly more than the nurse anyway. Let us know what you make of it in the comments section.

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