Watch The Biggest Ollie In Skateboarding To Date

Watch The Biggest Ollie In Skateboarding To Date

I used to skate every single day when I was a scrawny punk-music-obsessed teenager.

Alongside learning to kickflip, heelflip, hardflip, 180 flip, 50-50, and board slide I would watch a heap of skating videos as well.

One of me all time favourite skaters is Rodney Mullen. Imaginative and innovative bloke.

Anyhow, enough nostalgia and rambling on about days long gone.

It’s fun to know I still enjoy skateboarding and this video of a fella going through the trials and tribulations of sticking a massive ollie is a sweet watch.

Sit back, relax, check out the vid and then listen to Millencolin ey.

Marvellous effort that!

Also in the skateboarding world I’ve been following a newbie, Mike Boyd, learn to heelflip for charity.

This is a great watch as well:

Fuck yes to Tones Hawk for getting involved.

I’m keen to know how I’d go on a skateboard these days. I don’t think I could throw myself around like I used to. I quit because I broke my ankles and wrists too much. Shin splints became a killer too.

As a 30-year-old fat fuck, I reckon I could still tic-tac or do a manual for a few seconds. Aw geez, I just got a glimpse into my future as an Uncle or Dad getting back on the skateboard to show a bunch of young boofheads how to do a pop shove-it.

I see pain in my near future. Drunken, try hard larrikin, fat fuck induced pain.