The Most Entertaining History of Japan Video Ever

The Most Entertaining History of Japan Video Ever

This bloke is going to be getting requests to cover the history of many more countries after making this video.

Bill Wurtz is the fellas name on YouTube and he’s cut together a very entertaining History of Japan vid.

I’ll beyond honest, I was taught the basics of Japanese language in primary school, but dunno much about the history at all.

There’s so much history all over the world I’ll never know it all damn it (a good argument as to why this bloke should condense more histories into 10 min vids please).

Still gotta visit Japan one day. Ozzy Man Gone Wild in Japan. There’s a new video series idea.

Below is the sensationally made vid for ya:

I probs would’ve been a samurai if I existed in those times. No big deal.


I wanna see a whole series! That would be a massive undertaking, but let’s see what he does after the popularity of this one ey.