Robot Makes A Hole-in-One on PGA Tour

Robot Makes A Hole-in-One on PGA Tour

This video is going to infuriate many budding golfers (and likely experienced ones too).

The PGA Tour YouTube channel uploaded a video yesterday in which a robot makes a hole-in-one on No. 16 at TPC Scottsdale.

I reckon the bot could end up taking out the championship. Score itself a Happy Gilmore gold jacket or whatever ya get for winning this one. The Tiger Woods lifestyle is on the horizon for the robot.

Look, yeah nah it’s not the slickest robot on the exterior, but the the skills it possesses are clearly rock solid.

The hype, the glamour, the sheilas, this robot is gonna have it all.

Have a look at the amazing scenes below:

The beginning of Skynet is here. I do sincerely hope this legend doesn’t turn evil.

It’s face is too nice and goofy to turn evil, right? It seemed like it surprised itself with the hole-in-one.

I’m getting into robots lately. Robot phases come in waves.

This repeat of QI was on the telly down under the other night. There’s some good robot action going on here:

I had no idea that segment was 4 years old. I thought it was new when I saw it on TV the other night. It probably was its first screening considering how long it takes us to get shows n movies down here– anyhow, separate rant.



Together at last. That’s the moral of the story boys and girls. Gonna save this one to my WTF Happened in February folder.