Game of Thrones Season Six: 20 New Still Images

Game of Thrones Season Six: 20 New Still Images

It’s definitely time for the hype machine to kick in for Game of Thrones season six. I’m hanging out for a trailer big time.

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Warning: Spoiler conversations on the horizon if you’re not up to date.

A truckload of still images have been released from GoT season six. A bunch of these I found out about through me mates at Watchers on the Wall. A mint fan community.

There’s nothing too action packed in these photos, but we manage to catch glimpses of where the characters are at and what they might be up to.

I’ll dump them all below and then have a little chat about me favourite ones.





















Awwww yisssss.

I very much enjoy seeing Tyrion make himself at home in Meereen. Someone’s gotta keep that city in order and he has a good resume after being Hand of the King in Season 2.

It’s good to see Bran Stark is gonna be back this season. He’s fully gone through puberty some more. They…um… They’ve made it look like he’s standing up. Last we knew from the end of Season 4 the old bloke in the trees said he’ll never walk again, but he will fly. They’re fully tricking us in some manner.

We see Theon’s sister Yara there in one of the photos, and his Dad in another, so we’ll be getting back to some Greyjoy plots too. We missed them for all of Season 5.

Does Sansa have a baby bump?

Arya will be learning what life is like as a blind person.

Will Cersei be vulnerable enough after her nudey walk through King’s Landing to take Jaime back? Will Jaime wanna be with her? The sudden death of Myrcella (poisoned by Oberyn’s missus at the end of last season) will be worthy of chat between them. Jaime’s character is a bit all over the place for my liking, but I hope they iron him out.

Ramsay annoyed me a lot last year, but oi yeah nah I won’t rant about the aspects of his character I think are weak. We’ll sit back and see how it all pans out.

Fuck, I could ramble on about this stuff for hours.

Full bogan geek.