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Baby Kangaroo Thinks Copper Is His Parent

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The Western Australian Police shared a fucken cute video the other day. It's now spread like wildfire online and makes folks around the world go "awwwwwwww" no doubt. The video shows an orphaned baby kangaroo called...

How The Venom Of A Box Jellyfish Stops Your Heart

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Lots of international folks in the Ozzy Man community are always intrigued (and terrified) when it comes to Australian wildlife. Allow me to introduce you to the Box Jellyfish if you're not already familiar with thes...

GRAPHIC: Brutal Shark Attack Caught On Camera

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This video surfaced online about a week ago, but I've just stumbled upon it this arvo. We go through phases in Western Australia where we get a fair few sharks cruising around the beaches. It's always a tense time. ...

Bloody Brutal Leopard Attack In India

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Being a fella that's loved wildlife since childhood it's always terrifying to see Animals Gone Wild. Terrifying, but a humbling reminder that without all our fancy tools us humans are not so deadly. A few folks have ...

A Collection Of Roger The Buff Kangaroo Photos

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I've noticed that Roger is becoming an internet celebrity again lately. He doesn't give too much of a fuck about fame and that's why we love to throw it at him when given the chance. The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice S...

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