Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in March

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Gonna embed this one in the blog for now as I may have pushed things too far as usual i.e don't wanna risk a takedown on a Facebook upload. Nice to have my trusty blog for these situations. Hopefully the WTF Happene...

Bloke Gets Hammered For Spitting Melon Seeds

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After I got back into posting under the Vigilante Justice category the other night on my blog here, a few of youse messaged me a strange arse video... This one takes place on a train in China. I almost decided to put...

Bloke Gets Arrested And Chats Sh*t While Peeing On His Chin

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I've never been arrested but I imagine it's quite difficult to gain leverage and look cool in that situation. You're likely gonna be caught by surprise, roughly handled, panicking, and possibly trying to put pants on...

Two Blokes Almost Get Hit By Lightning, React Accordingly

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This is one hell of a reaction video. Fine Bros Entertainment has nothing on this one. I hope it's not a hoax. I hope it's not a prank bro. I hope it's not prankster with sweet visual effects skills. The reaction se...

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