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Bloke Throws Eggs At Unsuspecting Mum For A Year

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It's time. Finally. It's fucking time. I've been waiting for this moment my entire bloody life. Ladies and gentlemen we are entering the highly anticipated era of... Egg. Based. Comedy!!! Wooohoooooooooo. The prophe...

F*cking Creepiest Face Swap Video Going Round

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Pack your bags. It's time to leave this internet and set sail for somewhere else. Yeah nah just kidding. We must never leave the internet for it is a rich and vibrant land filled with wondrous absurdity every single ...

The Most Entertaining History of Japan Video Ever

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This bloke is going to be getting requests to cover the history of many more countries after making this video. Bill Wurtz is the fellas name on YouTube and he's cut together a very entertaining History of Japan vid....

Sheila Slams BuzzFeed For Generalising Blokes

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I came across the Shoe0nhead YouTube channel yesterdee. I tell ya what she's a pretty rad vlogger this young lady. What I like about her is of course the no bullshit approach she has to reviewing stuff. Synergies wit...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Fine Bros React World

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I was busy drinking too much on the weekend, but I've caught up on all the YouTube drama that's been unfolding because of Fine Brothers Entertainment. Copyright, trademarks, fair use and fair dealing are all issues t...

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