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Angus Young Rips Coachella A New A-hole With Guns N Roses

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I'm a big music fan. Listened to a lot of stuff in my time. A few of youse have asked me quietly on the sidelines of the busy FB page what I reckon "Axl/DC" will be like. I'm definitely intrigued by the thought of A...

Opera Singer Belts Out A Ripper Highway To Hell Cover

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I have a guilty pleasure which involves sitting on my arse and watching the shit out of talent shows some nights. You never know what ya gonna get and that's part of the thrill ride. You also don't have to use too m...

RATM Killing In The Name Played ON A SHOVEL

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One of my absolute, hands down, fair dinkum favourite songs of all time is Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name. I'm pretty obsessed with RATM as a whole, but boy I'm whisked away to a wonderful world of pa...

Foo Fighters Make Hilarious Announcement Video

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The Foo Fighters have responded to rumours that a band breakup is on the horizon. They have done so in hilarious fashion via a bloody YouTube video. Maybe I'm a bit tired or just havin' a general dumb arse day, but ...

F*ck Yes For This Marble Machine That Makes Music

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The Swedish band Wintergatan have posted a video showing off their latest instrument... A marble machine. It has been a work-in-progress for some months (possibly years) but now we get to hear what the beast sounds l...

Top Blokes Nail A Cover Of Eminem’s Rap God

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Walk off the Earth have the Multiple People Playing One Instrument market pretty well covered across the web (you would have seen their Gotye cover a few years back, shhh, you've seen it). But screw it. There's alway...

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