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Confronting Book Covers On A Train ROUND TWO

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You may recall a post I did last month about reading fake book covers on a train. Well, ladies and gents, comedian Scott Rogowsky has returned with a brand new set of ridiculous books. His latest video has been post...

Hafthór Björnsson Has Launched His Own Brand Of Water

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Hafthór Björnsson is one of this finest Strongmen on planet Earth and known for playing The Mountain in Game of Thrones. Alongside his list of accomplishments he will also be known for having his own brand of sparkli...

‘Jurassic Park’ Gets Turned Into Just ‘Park’ And It’s Bloody Beautiful

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I'm probably laughing at this way harder than I should be right now, but fuck it, I love it to death. A fella with mint Visual FX skills has fiddled with the awe-inspiring Brontosaurus scene in Jurassic Park. Ok, he...

F*ck Yes For This Marble Machine That Makes Music

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The Swedish band Wintergatan have posted a video showing off their latest instrument... A marble machine. It has been a work-in-progress for some months (possibly years) but now we get to hear what the beast sounds l...

The Most Entertaining History of Japan Video Ever

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This bloke is going to be getting requests to cover the history of many more countries after making this video. Bill Wurtz is the fellas name on YouTube and he's cut together a very entertaining History of Japan vid....

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