Bloody Brutal Leopard Attack In India

Bloody Brutal Leopard Attack In India

Being a fella that’s loved wildlife since childhood it’s always terrifying to see Animals Gone Wild. Terrifying, but a humbling reminder that without all our fancy tools us humans are not so deadly.

A few folks have sent me this video today.

It’s gonna be a bit tooooo brutal for commentary on, but worth a cheeky share on me blog here.

The attack took place in Bangalore, India. It took 10 hours for a team of scientists, local police, and forestry employees to finally tranquillise the rogue leopard. Overall, 6 people were injured in the end.

Bangalore is one of India’s largest cities with a population of more than 8 million people. But around the outskirts of the city, leopards still live in their natural habitat, occasionally making their way into urban life.

The video is tense as fuck, but not overly graphic. Check it out below:

Australia cops a lot of shit for having deadly creatures, and yeah nah fair enough, but I’m pretty glad we don’t have leopards and tigers.

I’m happy to live around the small cats and fend off the spiders, snakes, and jellyfish instead.

The rogue leopard has now been moved to a wildlife reserve.