Chuck Steinway

Chuck, not his real name, is a Brisbane writer and teacher. He writes radio commercials, feature articles, short stories and longer-form fiction. Right now, he is waiting for someone to publish his manuscript. As it's Movember, his moustache is in need of your support! Please donate to his #Movember efforts and help him change the face of men’s health at

Vegan Cafe Implements Unique Tax That Has Ignited Social Media Fury

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Ooh, this one’s a bit feisty. A vegan café in Melbourne is charging male customers 18% extra and calling it the man tax. Which begs the question; do real men eat vegan anyway? As you can imagine internet war...

Eagle Eyed Viewers Spotted This X Rated Clip During A Live News Broadcast

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BBC News is a well-respected global giant of the news media. There’s no way they’d let some boob ruin their nightly newscast, right? Wrong! Check this out. Some absolute tit has only gone and watched somethi...

Bloke Has Biggest Balls In The World After Capturing This Footage In The Middle Of A Tornado

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Have a go at this! Imagine just driving along a stretch of highway, taking in the sights, playing some tunes, dodging some road kill when you look at the window and realise HOLY F*** that’s a tornado! That’s exa...

Flat Earther Tries to Explain Why Their Theories Aren’t Total Bulls**t

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The world's full of strange beliefs.  When you question people you can hear all sorts of weird and wonderful things.  Especially when you talk to someone who thinks Earth is flat. Seriously flat. Like bloody flat. ...

The Surprising Wardrobe Secret Behind the Night’s Watch That You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

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Want to know how to make your very own Night’s Watch cloak? Watch the video below. In it, Michele Clapton – a former costume designer for everyone’s favourite show reveals some interesting secrets about how the clo...

Two Drunk Guys Gamble With Their Lives On A 2,000 Foot High Cliff

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DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THE LAST FOOLISH MOMENTS OF TWO PEOPLE'S LIVES... Two men have fallen 2,000 feet to their deaths after playing silly buggers atop a cliff with a skinful of piss in them. ...

Arizona Bloke Finds Spider-Scorpion Hybrid, And It’s Scary As F*&K!

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Australia is pretty well known for its horrifying wildlife. Spiders, snakes, sharks and even bloody drop bears can all kill you and make sweet sweet love to your carcass. But it turns out we’ve got nothing on this ...

The Filming of Super Troopers 2 Has Finally Finished, You Can Get Excited Right Meow!

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F*** YES! Get excited right about meow! Broken Lizard have finished filming Super Troopers 2. When you think that it's sixteen years since the original came out you'll realise - once you finish feeling blood...

Dashcam Shows Group of Bikers Enter Destination F*cked After Blocking Off Highway

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If there’s one thing you have to remember in life, it’s this: if you’re going to be a f*cken showpony, you better be damn good at it. It saves you all sorts of humiliation. For example, if you’re going to jo...

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