Sami Chamoun

Ozzy Man Reviews: DaddyOFive

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Me critical analysis of the DaddyOFive YouTube channel. I'm following on from Phil DeFranco's vids and the responses from the DaddyOFive parents. I don't show me face often, but some topics and types of content are wo...

Vegan Cyclist Confronts Shit Driver In Heated Road Rage Incident

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Whether you're on the road in a thousand-pound vehicle or you're sticking to a bicycle, there are rules in place to keep everyone safe. We all know that in regards to a car or truck versus a bike the bike will lose te...

Woman’s Perky Breast ‘Explodes’ While Getting A Tattoo

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There's a tattoo artist somewhere in the world who almost shat himself because of a young woman with some of the perkiest breasts you'll ever see. The only problem is, the poor guy thought he had burst one of her impl...