Regan "Robbo" Roberts

Black Bear Gets Shot Out Of Tree, Attacks Hunter Who Thought He Was Dead

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This is a pretty epic case of the hunter quickly becoming the hunted... One of the first rules you're taught when hunting dangerous prey is never to approach it unless you're 100 percent sure it's dead. This guy igno...

Parents Smoke Weed With Their Kids For The First Time Ever

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The fellas at Cut Video are back at it again; this time they've put together a clip of parents and their offspring smoking weed together for the first time. If the thought of getting stoned with your folks fills you w...

‘Slut Drop’ Ends With Trip To Emergency Department And Viral Video

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This tear-inducing video shows a young woman performing the infamous 'slut drop' dance move, getting unexpectedly penetrated and ending up with a rather embarrassing injury. But despite the fact that she had to go to ...

Former Alpha-Chimp Tortured And EATEN After Trying To Make A Comeback To Tribe

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Footage of a group of chimpanzees torturing and eating one of their own is currently going viral due to its graphic content and the fact that we're all a bit fucked, but the story of Foudouko the chimp's grisly demise...

Dudes Design ‘Lickster’ App To Make You Better At Oral Sex

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There are a lot of useless apps out there; apps that make your phone look like an electric shaver, apps to give your selfie a good brostache, and even apps that try (and fail) to tell what kind of a cry your baby is c...

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