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This Dad Turns His Sons’ Doodles Into Anime Drawings And They’re F*%king Awesome

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They say it’s best not to bring your work home with you. But if you’re French anime artist Thomas Romain, that’s when the fun begins. As an animator living in Tokyo, he’s worked on several shows including Basquash!...

Five Year Old Draws Picture Of Mum On Her Period

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The Renaissance period. The Neoclassical period. The Abstract period. And now, the Period period. Julian Rohleder is a five-year-old who boy who, like most kids, likes to draw. And, like most kids, he's inspir...

Facebook Forced To Shutdown AI Robots After They Invent Their Own Language

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Meet Bob and Alice. Two artificial intelligence chatbots created by researchers at the Facebook AI Research Lab, also known as “FAIR.” Or, if your hats are tinfoil-based, “SKYNET.” Both Bob and Alice were tasked with ...