Mother Sparks Outrage With Defense For Breastfeeding While Having Sex

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Breastfeeding in public causes heated debate. Whilst some consider it to be indecent exposure, others believe it is a right be free to nourish their offspring wherever they see fit, whether in a public park or on thei...

Winner Of ‘Most Beautiful Bum In China’ Can’t Wear Tights In Public

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Rump, Butt, arse... We’ve all got one! Some are flat like a school bag at the end of the school year. Some are large and look like 3kg of meat in a 1kg mesh bag. But to possess what society deems to be a killer der...

It Turns Out We’ve Been Charging Our Phones Incorrectly All This Time

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Another thing we’ve been doing wrong. It’s now been revealed that there’s apparently ‘a way’ to charge our phones. Battery University, (yep it’s a thing), has informed us that if we want to maintain our phone batte...

‘Angry Ginger Kid’ Suffers Diarrhoea Explosion After Eating World’s Hottest Chilli

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In 1912, Wilbur Scoville created a scale to measure the heat of chillies sparking intense competition between chilli growers. 100 years on, “Smokin” Ed Currie, a grower in South Carolina had the genius idea of crossin...

Incredible Footage Shows Enormous Injured Squid Wrapping Tentacles Around Man’s Paddleboard

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Merkbosstrand: Western Cape, South Africa. Finally a story about a Giant Squid that isn’t the plot of an underground Japanese porno. But this is still the stuff of nightmares! It’s a calm and sunny day as two pa...

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